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The Crosby Family started in cattle and migrated toward construction a few generations ago. James Crosby learned a lot from his father and started as a construction laborer at 18, working in every construction field, from high rise erection, remodels & additions, new homes, restaurant & gas station construction / remodels. He quickly climbed the ladder to superintendent before age 27. After a layoff he decided to work for himself to make ends meet until things picked back up. It wasn’t until he realized the need for quality craftsmanship that he decided to go into business. Although proficient in all aspects of construction, flooring Stuart FL, cabinetry and trim became his focus. As the saying goes, if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. Then started Crosby’s Construction. February of 2019 is the date of inception, and since then the company has grown tremendously thanks to our quality of work and quick lead times. Crosby’s Construction specializes in flooring and interior remodeling as well as custom carpentry. We’ve successfully completed a multitude of different projects. If you dream it we can bring it to life. From breakfast nooks and build outs, to Shiplap walls and intricate trim designs. Kitchen and bath remodels to full home renovations! Custom closet organization to outdoor kitchens, all with impeccable attention to detail. We do the small jobs as well, whether it be a patio rescreen or you need a ceiling fan hung you can call Crosby’s to take care of it! We love what we do and our customers do too. Kitchens seem to have the biggest wow factor. We all love seeing the end result, and as the focal point of every house, they always bring a smile out of the customer! Close second to that is trim work, the more intricate the more fun. We love 3D trim designs, but even simple projects, like new baseboards or boxed wainscot are fun ones for us! Finally we have our most notable work, and what we are mostly known for. That would be our flooring installation. We install hardwood, laminate, vinyl plank and vinyl tile. Our customers love the work we do and know that they can trust us for a quality installation, to stay on budget, and complete the task on time.

At Crosby’s Construction, we started working primarily in Stuart, Fl but as we grew, realized we were needed elsewhere. Customers all over the state have reached out to us and we want to have the pleasure of working with them too! We now service The treasure coast as far north as Vero all the way south! As well we also offer our services to northern Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, wellington and as far west as Okeechobee. If you’re not in those areas but think we’re a good fit for your project don’t hesitate to call, those aren’t boundaries. We go where we are needed.

If you’re interested in Crosby’s Construction for your next project, the first thing we will do is set up a good time to meet and go over your ideas. From there you can expect an estimate within 24-48 hours. Once it’s agreed upon we schedule a start date, and go over the time frame. We explain the timeline, and go over the payment schedule, which is generally a materials deposit if necessary, followed by full payment upon completion. Some of our customers prefer to buy the materials themselves and ask us for a labor only price. Which is totally cool with us, we just ask that you allow us to go over the materials list with you to avoid material delays, and unexpected costs!

The last thing we ever want is a disappointed or dissatisfied customer. That’s why at Crosby’s Construction we lay it all out on the line. We fine tooth comb the details, so that our customers know exactly what they’re getting, and what to expect. Although sometimes surprises do happen, we try to limit them to as little as possible!


If asked what makes us different from the rest, we would narrow it down to a few key factors. First is a simple one, since the most notable thing we do is flooring Stuart FL, if compared to other flooring companies, we have way more to offer! Flooring isn’t all we do, you can rely on Crosby’s Construction for all your renovation needs shy of building the actual home. (we will offer that one day) Next up, we never require full payment until you the customer are happy! A lot of companies want the money as fast as they can get it, not concerning themselves with the happiness of the customer, only lining their own pockets, and once paid getting them back for a repair or fixing a mistake is a nightmare. We decided to take a different approach. That’s why we don’t require payment until you’re satisfied with the results! Satisfaction is our number one goal. How else are we going to keep up our 5 star reviews? That brings me to my next point, WE SHOW UP! Have you contacted a contractor before who left you standing in the rain? I hear countless stories of customers who scheduled an estimate and nobody ever came. Just showing up goes a long way. Except for extenuating circumstances, if we’ve scheduled a time for an estimate or a date to start work, you can count on us to be there. If something comes up that would hinder that we are always sure to notify the customer, and reschedule! Last but not least, we will never sell a customer on something they don’t need. We’ve been asked to do second opinions where a contractor came and tried to talk the customer into a whole new floor install when only a section needed to be repaired. In some cases, when trying to match an existing design, style, or texture, depending on age it may not happen. So the only option is to start from scratch, but if we can save what’s existing and make it look seamless, that would be the most cost and time effective for the customer.

If you think Crosby’s Construction is a good candidate for your next flooring Stuart FL project, feel free to reach out and start a conversation. Call text and email all work for us, Theres also an option on the contact us page of this website, if you would like to submit your information someone will glady reach out to you as quickly as possible. Thank you for your consideration and we look forward to working with you soon!

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